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Best Beaches in Corfu

Kanoni Kassiopis Beach

A very special and secluded beach. This is the only place on the island where you will find rocks, so suitable for countless deckchairs and umbrellas! It is the favorite beach of the locals, as it is more secluded than the rest of the beaches of the village and is situated on the very edge of the green peninsula, overlooking the shores of Albania.

Why should I choose it: Endless diving from the rocks into the sea that looks like a swimming pool!

Beach in Sidari

This is a great sandy beach, fully organized. It is located right next to the famous Canal d’ amour and extends along the main road below the homonymous tourist resort on the northern coast of Corfu. Note that the water is quite cold, albeit shallow, and it is an ideal beach for families with children. The river Tiflos flows into the middle of the beach, after beginning its journey in the mountains of northwestern Corfu.

Why should I choose it: It is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, bars, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops, enabling all water sports. From the small port to the right of the beach, boats leave for full day trips to the Diapontia Islands.

Glyfada Beach

It is the most popular beach in Corfu. Lush green hills rise above the golden sand and are reflected in the calm waters. The beach is located at the foot of Pelekas the hill of just 16 km from the town center.

Why should I choose it: It is fully organized, but if you prefer more privacy, the southernmost tip of the beach is secluded. Easy access by car and public bus.

Ai Gordis Beach

The Ai Gordis beach has crystal blue waters, a long sandy shore and a lush natural landscape, all together composing a magnificent setting. It lies nestled in the roots of a verdant mountain and is surrounded by olive trees that end up in the homonymous village and the sea.

The beach is also known for the rock in the sea at its southern part, which is called the Ortholithi or Megalo Tholeto. Ai Gordis has been awarded the Blue Flag, has shallow, crystal clear waters and a long and wide golden sandy shore.

Right above the beach you will find many restaurants, beach bars, as well as rooms to let with a sea view. The beach is fully organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds, a lifeguard, as well as water sports, diving and boat rental amenities.

Why should I choose it: For its crystal blue waters and golden sand, the spectacular sunset and a unique spectacle: Ai Gordis is very popular with paragliding fans, who paraglide from the top of the mountain, at an altitude of 370 meters, right into the sea!

Kanali tis Agapis (Canal d' amour)

The famous Canal d ‘amour is a natural masterpiece ituated near the village of Sidari on the northern coast of the island. The beach is actually an “opening” in the land, created by the erosive action of water and air onto the sandstone rock. Thousands of tourists visit it daily, so it is best to go early in the morning in order to secure a place.

Why should I choose it: Because it is not just a beach, but the most romantic attraction of Corfu: according to the tradition, couples that will swim in its waters. will stay forever in love! Do not miss out on exploring the caves along the Canal, which are ideal for snorkeling.

Palaiokastritsa Beach

Famous for its “too” cold, turquoise waters. The beach is fully organized and has been awarded the Blue Flag. It is also called Agios Spiridon beach and is the main and largest beach of Paleokastritsa the famous tourist resort with its incredible natural beauty. Paleokastritsa Beach is located beneath and to the left of the road that leads to the monastery of Pakeokastritsa.

You will find both sand and pebbles on this beach and the water is blue, clean and calm. The entire bay is surrounded by dense vegetation, creating beautiful colors that are also reflected in the sea.

Why should I choose it: For its incredible natural beauty and the experience of diving into its crystal waters.

When to come

The Summer season starts with hot days and fresh evenings.
The island of Corfu is still empty with few tourists and it’s the perfect period to find lonely and relaxing beaches. The sea is mostly flat as there aren’t strong winds and Kerkyra has a gorgeous nature full of flowers.
Something very special happen in this period of the year: there is the possibility to admire millions of fire-flies in the countryside during the night!
This is also the right month for those who like to assist to the Greek Easter celebrations.

It starts to be very hot and beaches become the perfect place where to stay all day long. Also the temperature of the sea starts to be perfect and the beaches begin to have tourists. This is the best month to sleep in the night!

It’s very hot….but a fresh wind called Maistros will save you every afternoon. The tourism starts to be massive and people from all the Europe come to Corfu island to spend their holidays.
In order to sleep well in the night it would better to have the air condition.

The same hot weather as in July but with more humidity.
In this month you’ll see Corfu full of tourists, especially from Italy, who fill beaches during the day and night clubs during the night.
This is the ideal month for those who love crowd of people and night life!

The weather temperature starts to be nice and the beaches with less people are perfect in the midday.
There are few rainy days that change into a sunny sky with a beautiful sun.
For the evening we suggest you to have a sweater since the weather is a little bit cold, especially if you like to have dinner under the Greek stars!


Chilling Out Beachside at Paleokastritsa

Chilling Out Beachside at Paleokastritsa

While you’re in the area visiting the monastery, make sure to check out the beaches and town of Paleokastritsa. There are 6 stunning bays here, which are surrounded by olive and cypress trees. This is the perfect spot for spending the afternoon swimming, or just lazing on the beach.

Swimming at the Canal d’Amour in Sidari

Swimming at the Canal d’Amour in Sidari

Make sure to visit the Canal d’Amour, or Love Canal on the northern end of the island. The rock formations around this area are colourful, crumbly and very unique. It’s said that if you swim through, you’ll get married soon.

Mountain Biking Around Corfu

Mountain Biking Around Corfu

Renting a mountain bike to explore either independently, or on a tour is an excellent way to see the off track interior of the island.

Useful Information

If you are E. U. citizens no special papers are needed to visit Greece, all the other citizens need their passports and for more information they can contact their embassies or consulates in Greece.

before being carried to this land they need a health certificate and an antirabic prophylaxis. The certificate should be valid more than 12 months, more than 6 months for cats and it has to be made at least 6 days before arrival.

In Corfu town you can find St. Irini hospital where you can ask for help showing your sanitary card.
There are many private clinics and doctors who speak English in the city, beyond surgeries and pharmacies in many tourist resorts of the island.

During summer season, from May till September temperatures can change from 23 till 36 degrees and it doesn’t rain a lot. Very often there’s a fresh wind called maestros in all Corfu.
This wind starts normally in the afternoon and follows a North-South direction.
We suggest you to avoid Corfu town during the hottest hour of the day, while it is very nice to visit it during the evening

Only in churches and monasteries proper clothes are required (trousers or long skirts and t-shirts with sleeves).

Time in Greece is two hours ahead the Greenwich’s meridian.
Like everywhere in Europe also in Greece, in the Summer season (March – September) the daylight saving time is effective.
Something curious… Time in Greece is conceived in a very particular way: here time is not running, there is no such concept of “being on time” and the clock is just something to wear.
The Greeks themselves are aware of taking it easy under every respect (but not in serving the tourist!) up to the point that G.M.T. is not considered as the Greenwich Meridian Time, but as the Greek Maybe Time!

Outlets in Greece are double and not triple therefore we suggest traveling with an adaptor.

The island has an efficient road network, with main roads, secondary and no-asphalted ones leading to the most unthinkable places.
The roads in Corfu island are not always in a good condition, so be careful and don’t forget your security belt!

Being as well member of the European Community, the currency in Greece is Euro.
The most famous credit cards can be used in Corfu to pay accommodation, restaurants, rentals… and the traveler cheques can be changed in every bank or exchange office.
Tips in restaurants are not obligatory, it’s up to you.

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